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Trick to Learn Actinides in 10 seconds! Properties, Notes & More f-block – 7tricks

Actinide Series Trick, Facts, Properties, Reactivity & More :-

 Generally we call it by ‘Actenoids’ also. Here is the trick to learn the actinides easily. This trick is very helpful for JEE Neet and Boards Exam.

Trick to remember Actinides Series


😁 ‘Are Thode Pehelwan Unse Niptenge, Purane Aam Cam Bikenge , Cirf Es Family Mein No Ldai’ 😁


‘अरे थोड़े  पहलवान  उनसे  निपटेंगे, पुराने  आम  कम  बिकेंगे, सिर्फ  इस  फॅमिली  में  नो  लड़ाई ! ‘

89 – Actinium (Ac)                Are

90 – Thorium (Th)              Thode   

91 – Protactinium (Pa)     Pehelwan

92 – Uranium (U)                 Unse

93 – Neptunium (Np)        Niptenge

94 – Plutonium (Pu)            Purane

95 – Americium (Am)            Aam

96 – Curium (Cm)                 Cam

97 – Berkelium (Bk)           Bikenge

98 – Californium (Cf)            Sirf

99 – Einsteinium (Es)              Es

100 – Fermium (Fm)            Family

101 – Mendelevium (Md)      Mein

102 – Nobelium (No)                No

103 – Lawrencium (Lr)          Ldai 


    Now Actines are Hard Easy to learn !

 About Actinides :

✤ These are the elements of Actinides Series that is part of f-block.

✤ F-block are called Inner – Transition Elements.

✤ There are 15 Elements in Actinides  series.

✤ In Actinides there is no stable Isotopes.

✤ These are Malleble Ductile and Soft

✤ All of them are Paramagnetic.

Location in Periodic Table :

The modern periodic table has two separated row that are in the bottom that is called f-block and in these actinides is in top (of f-block) . This table is separated out because that can make confusion in the main table as the atomic no. match. 


Electronic Configuration :

Electronic configuration of [Rn] 5f1-14 6d 0-17s2.So with the help of this we can get Electronic configuration of all Actinides series elements.


Chemical Reactivity :

Actinides are more reactive than Lanthanides it is due to it have lower ionization energy. Actinides also react with oxidising agent.


Isotopes :

2 atoms may also have the equal range of protons, and for that reason be of the equal detail, but fluctuate of their range of neutrons charged styles along the protons on the nucleus. Such atoms are
referred to as isotopes, atoms of the equal detail having unique masses.



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