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Alcohol and Ethers Notes for JEE, Neet & Boards Chemistry – 7tricks

Here you get the best Notes of Alcohol & Ethers which are very beneficial and vital for competitive exams like JEE & NEET. These notes are crafted from India’s best institutes. Making notes from this could assist you in making your concepts strong and obtain good marks in exams.

About these notes:
  • These are intensive & comprehensive notes of Alcohol & Ethers.
  • These are made intensively with keeping proper information of the syllabus.
  • These notes are strongly advisable by academics and academic consultants for the preparation of competitive exams
  • Notes for competitive exams and boards are given different as there is a level difference between boards and Jee & Neet.
  • These are clear and properly visible, so you can print out these also.
  • Examples of important topics are mentioned and also there are solved examples with solutions.
  • At the end of chapters, MCQs with exercise are given so that you can practice questions also.

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Download the notes of Alcohol & Ethers from here:- 

Download 1000+ Chemistry Short Tricks:-

Chemistry Short Tricks.pdf 20Mb

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Biology Short Tricks.pdf 20Mb

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Hope you liked the notes! 


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