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Bases Stronger than OH- ions [Short Trick] | 7tricks


Strong Bases

Like a strong acid, a strong Arrhenius base is a completely or almost completely ionized compound. Therefore, the concentration of hydroxide ions in a strong primary reaction is the same as the concentration of undissociated alkali. Common examples of stable Arrhenius bases are alkali metal and alkaline earth metal hydroxides, including NaOH and Ca(OH)2. Very stable base can deprotonate weakly acidic CH groups in the absence of water.

List of bases Stronger than OH- ion :-

H- , O -2 , (O2)2- , O2- , N-3 , P-3 , As-3 , Sb-3 , Bi-3 , NH-2 , NH2-       

These are important and you have to learn but these are difficult to learn quick, here is a trick to help you in learning these bases. Trick is very easy and by that you can learn these in seconds!           

TRICK :-  

Hari Oye Pele Sole, News Paper Aaj Sab Bikenge India & America mein

( हरि औए पीले सोले , न्यूज़  पेपर आज  सब  बिकेंगे  इंडिया & अमेरिका  मे।)


ION      NAME           TRICK  
H-         Hydride           Hari
O -2      Oxide               Oye
(O2)2-   Peroxide          Pile
O2-       Super Oxide     Sole
N-3       Nitride             News
P-3        Phosphide        Paper
As-3      Aresnide           Aaj
Sb-3      Stebenide         Sub
Bi-3       Bismuthide      Bikega
NH-2     Imide              India &
NH2-     Amide         America mein

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