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Calendar Short Trick Reasoning by Phonetic Method – 7tricks

Here is the trick to get the day of 200 years calendar 1900 to 3000. You can also say the trick by the Phonetic method!

Calendar Reasoning Photenic Method
First, there are three Table that has to remember, are as-

Month Code Table
January 1
February 4
March 4
April 0
May 2
June 5
July 0
August 3
September 6
October 1
November 4
December 6

     Table 2

Day Code Table
Sunday 1 or 0
Monday 2
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 4
Thursday 5
Friday 6
Saturday 7

Table 3

Phonetic Method Years Table


These are the three tables that are necessary to learn to get the day on a particular date!
So let’s Get started!

We have to Find the day of a given Date.
(For Ex. that date is 19 August 1967)

We have to follow these steps
Step 1:-
First, we write the code of Month, year, and that day and add that!
Ex.- 19 august 1967  So,     19 + 3 + 6 = 28    (Get these code in the above table Given)
Step 2:-
Now we divide that no. by 7 
Ex:- we got the no. 28 so I divide it by 7  (28 ÷ 7) 
We got Reminder as ‘0’ 
So, We got ‘0’ as that code so we look for it in Table 1 (Upside), We looked in the table this code is on Saturday.
The final answer is Saturday!
In January or February of a Leap Year, For finding the day, we have to take the previous day of our answer (Means if we got Monday as our answer so the final answer will be the previous day that is Sunday). It is due there are 366 days in Leap Year!
We have to find the day of 26 January 1920 
 So by Method ,     26 + 1+ 4 = 31  then  31 ÷ 7 , remainder is 3. So 3 is the code of Tuesday but for our answer, we have to take a previous day that is Monday.
So, Monday is our final answer.
This Is the Method for finding the day of the 20th Century!


 For 21th Century:-

Similarly, In the 21st century, For finding  the day we follow all the steps as we previously followed

But One more step we have to follow is that while getting the final answer by that method we have to take the previous day as the main answer!

For Example:-

10 January 2007

We know the code of 1907 so we use that code here 

so, 10 + 1 + 1 = 12, dividing it by 7 we got remainder as 5 and  is code of  Thursday So for the final answer we take a previous day that is Wednesday as our answer

Thus, the final answer for 10 January 2007 is Wednesday


In 21th Century, January and February months (Of Leap Year) We have too less 2 days in our answer. one of being leap and one of being of 21st century 

For Ex. – 

26 January 2020

26 + 1+ 4 = 31 ,dividing by 7 remainder is 3 that is code of Wednesday 

For the final answer, we have to go two days before that is Monday!

Hope you Understood the trick!

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