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【SHORT TRICK】Chemistry in Everyday Life Mnemonics Class 12 | 7tricks

Here are some best tricks and mnemonics of chapter Chemistry in everyday life. Read these out, these mnemonics will help you to learn things fast. 

Chemistry in Everday Life trick mnemonic

This chapter is all about the daily life that is based on chemistry. Drugs (medicine) are parts of life. Every activity of human is a chemical reaction. 
Here are some mnemonic of this chapter topics listed below. These are very helpful for class 11th and 12th students :-


‘Peacocks Are Not Loins’ or ‘PANI’

P  – Paracetamol
A  – Aspirin
N – Neprogen
I  – Ibuprofen

2) Antiferitility Drugs:-

‘Nahi Manegi Neha’

N – Novestrol
M – Mifepreston
N – Norethindrone

3) For Dicarboxylic Acids:-

Ohh Milkha Singh Ji Aap Pdhare

Ohh       – Oxalic

Meena   – Malonic

Singh     – Succinic

Gi (Ji)    – Glutaric

Aap       – Adipic

Pdhare   – Picric

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