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[Trick] Coagulation Factors Biology Easily learn Funny Trick Important for NEET | 7tricks

Coagulation Factors Trick

Here is the trick For Remember the Coagulation Factors List. I Hope, this Trick may help you!


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 1.      ➢  Fibrinogen   

2.      ➢  Prothrombin 
3.      ➢  Thromboplastin 
4.      ➢ Calcium 
5.      ➢  Labile Factor  
7.      ➢  Stable Factor  
8.      ➢  Anti Haemophilic Factor   
9.      ➢  Christmas Factor ( PTC )   
10.    ➢   Stuart power factor  
11.     ➢  PTA (Plasma Thermoplastic Ardecident )  
12.    ➢  Hageman Factor  
13.    ➢  Fibrin Stability Factor



More about Coagulation Factors:-

♲ Definition:

Coagulation, the method with the aid of using which a blood clot is formed. The formation of a clot is frequently noted as secondary hemostats, as it paperwork the second one degree withinside the method of arresting the lack of blood from a ruptured vessel.

Coagulation performs a position in ischemic coronary heart disease (IHD). However, which

coagulation elements are goals of intervention is unclear.
thrombin potential), FVIII (thing VIII), d-dimer, tPA (tissue-kind plasminogen activator), and PAI (plasminogen activator inhibitor)-1 affected IHD.

how genetically expected vWF (von Willebrand thing), ETP (endogenous


  • To determine whether one or more of your coagulation factors are decreased, absent or increased is tested.
  • Coagulation factors are also measured once the patient is suspected of having an AN non-heritable condition that inflicting bleeding, similar to antihemorrhagic factor deficiency or liver disease .


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