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Trick to Learn Cranial Nerves [Mnemonic] Biology | 7tricks

Cranial Nerves Trick mnemonic neet

►Here is the best simple trick to remember Cranial Nerves easily◄

There are 12 Cranial Nerves function present. Here you get trick to learn 12 cranial nerves list chart in order or you can say cheat sheet for cranial nerves. This will help you to memorize it for long time. For students of Neet, class 12, class 11 it is very helpful. This trick is for Hindi and English medium students both.  



‘Old Octopus Occasionally Try Trigonometry And Feel Very Gloomy, Vague And Hypoactive.’


TRICK                  NERVES 

Old                      Oldfactory

Octopus                  Optic

Occasionally        Oculomotor

Try                       Trochlear

Trigonometry       Trigeminal

And                     Abducens

Feel                       Facial

Very                Vestibulocochlear

Gloomy           Glossopharyngeal 

Vague                    Vagus

And                     Accessory 

Hypoactive          Hypoglossal


Picture of TRICK :-


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