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Trick to learn Globular protein [Mnemonic] Biology for Neet – 7tricks

Here is the Easy Mnemonic to learn Globular protein

This trick will help you to learn Globular Protein list chart in seconds. This trick is helpful for English and Hindi medium students. Trick meaning is also given. Question related to this often comes in Neet Jee or competitive exams. This trick help you to remember the list for long time. Also there is video to help you out.


Trick to learn Globular protein neet



G   Globin  (Protein Part of Hemoglobin)

H ➻  Histone (Eukaryotic DNA)

A ➻  Albumin (Maintain BCOP)

R ➻  Rubisco  (Enzyme in Calvin cycle)

M ➻  Myoglobin (Pigment in Muscles of O2 transplant)

I   ➻  Immuglobulin (Pancreatic Hormone)

I   ➻  Insulin  (Antibodies)


Video Related to this Trick :

If you don’t understood the trick then watch this video for more clarification.



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