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In Situ & Ex situ Conservation Mnemonic Biodiversity [Short Trick] – 7tricks

Here are the best and easy mnemonics to learn In Situ & Ex situ Biodiversity Conservation Examples quick and for long time. If you are a Biology student then this trick will help you. If you want More Tricks like it then Join our Telegram channel (At the bootom of this page you find our telegram channel link)

In situ ex situ Mnemonic trick

1) In Situ Conservation :-

Here are two mnemonic for in situ conservation that are as –



H – Hot Spot

B – Biosphere reserve

N – National Park

W – Wildlife Sanctuaries 

S – Sacred Groves


Hurry! Sheep Beating Nandi

H – Hot Spot (34)
S – Sacrat Groove & Sanctuary (118)
B – Biosphere Reserve (14)
N – National Park (90)

2) Ex Situ Conservation :-

This is the mnemonic for ex situ conservation- 


Safari Car Bechkar Bank Zao

S – Wildlife safari

C – Cryopresevation

B – Pollen Bank, Seed Bank

B – Botanical

Z – Zoological Garden


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