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KVPY Study Material & Syllabus PDF Free Download – 7tricks

Are you confused about

How to study for the KVPY exam? 
What to study for Kvpy?

So, we are here to solve your problems. On this page, you will get all things that are necessary to crack the KVPY exam like NOTES, Mock Tests, Modules of the different institutes like Allen, Aakash, Resonance, Bansal etc. for all stream SA/SX/SB.

How to prepare for KVPY

How to Prepare for KVPY?

More than 1 Lakh students fill the form of KVPY every year in and around 1100 select. So, the main reason for the failure of the students in this exam is not to study systematically!

If you really want to crack the KVPY exam then follow these steps-

1) Start study systematically from today! Make a timetable and strictly follow that! Give perfect time to each of the subjects!

2) Practice a lot! You have to practice a lot of the questions to strengthen your concepts!

3) Solve PYQs! This is the most important factor that is necessary to crack the KVPY exam. If you want to qualify it then you have to solve all the previous year questions of Kvpy because in the Kvpy exam most of the questions repeat.

4) Be confident! Maintain your confidence, first complete all the syllabus and study hard! Positive vibes should come from you! Our best wishes are always with you and we know that if you follow these steps, you will definitely crack the KVPY exam and make your parents proud.

5) Learn Short tricks! Some of the time we attempt no. of question less due low time! so if you study with tricks you will be able to do the questions within some seconds! If you want tricks then we have special tricks for you click here-

Is KVPY is a tough exam?

Being more competitive, make this exam difficult for some students but if you prepared well and you have that confidence then you will definitely crack the KVPY exam.

Best Study Material for KVPY:-

We made a telegram channel for KVPY study material like notes, Mock Tests, Modules of the different institutes like Allen, Aakash kvpy study material, Resonance, Bansal etc. for all stream SA/SX/SB.

KVPY Syllabus PDF

KVPY Notes
Subject Link
Physics Get it
Math Get it
Chemistry Get it
Biology Get it

Note:- These notes are in on the Telegram channel so first download the telegram to access these notes.

Study Material for KVPY-

Study Material for KVPY
Subject Link
1300 Math Formulas Get it
Biology Fingertips Get it
SB/SX Mock Test Get it
SA Practice Tests Get it
KVPY Score booster Get it
Chapter-wise solved Paper Get it

PYQs [Previous Year Questions of KVPY]

SA PYQs Get it
SX/SB PYQs Get it


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