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[Short Trick] Mettaloids in Peroidc table, Easily learn these elements Chemistry Tricks – 7tricks

 Hello Learners!

Here is an INTERESTING and Easiest Trick to remember Mettaloids elements in 5 seconds !

First Introduce the Mettaloids !

Mettaloids have properties likes intermediates of Metals and non-metal 

There are seven (7) elements that are kept into Mettaloids.

These are Solid at Room temperature.

These are brittle in Nature.

These are Semi-Conductors.

These are found in Zig-Zag line in Peroidic Table.


➥ Let’s Learn the Trick

TRICK1  :-

Elements   Symbol  Atomic No.   Trick

Boron            B           5               Baba

Silicon             Si         14            Singh

Germanium     Ge        32             Ji

Arsenic           As         33             Asli

Antimony        Sb         51            Sabun

Tellurium        Te          52            Tel

Pollonium       Po           84           Potkar

Astatine         At            85           Aate hai

TRICK 2 :- 

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Short Trick to learn mettaloids

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About Properties of Mettaloids

➺ Mettaloids forms alloys when they are mixed with metals

➺ Some Mettaloids contract while they melts.

➺ Mettaloids can form Gas.

➺ These are good semi-conductors also

➺ There IE & Electronegatvity is in b/w Metals and Non-metals.


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