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Mode of Action of Enzymes : Lock And Key Hypothesis & Induced fit hypothesis : Notes and Trick

 Mode of Action of Enzymes 

There are 2 views concerning the mode of protein action :-

  1.  Lock associated key hypothesis
  2.  Induced match hypothesis


◤(1) Lock and key hypothesis

 The hypothesis was suggests by Emil Fisher (1894) . in line with this hypothesis the enzyme and its substrate have a complementary shape. the particular substrate molecules are certain to a selected web site of the enzyme molecule.

◤(2) Induced fit hypothesis

This hypothesis was projected by Daniel, E. Koshland (1959).According to the current view, the active sites of an enzyme don’t seem to be rigid. once the substrate binds to enzyme, it’s going to induce a modification in form of the protein molecule in such some way that it’s appropriate the substrate-enzyme interaction. The modification in shape of the enzyme molecules will place strain on the substrate. This stress might facilitate bonds to break, therefore promoting the reaction. 




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