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Trick to remember rainbow colours in 5 seconds! [English & Hindi] – 7tricks

 Hello, you are searching for a trick to learn rainbow colors in just 5 second,So you are at right place here is an amazing tricks collection by these you can remember you hard topics in seconds !


Trick to remember rainbow colours


 TRICK1  :- 



V = Violet.  

I = Indigo. 

B  = Blue

G = Green.

Y = Yellow.

O = Orange.

R = Red     


 TRICK2  :-

 Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain 

 TRICK3  :-

Raat or Yha Ghne badal bhi idhar vicharan krte h 



 About Rainbow:

The colored rays of the rainbow are because of the refraction and inner reflection of mild rays that input the raindrop, each colour being bent via a barely exceptional angle. Hence, the composite colorings of the incident mild could be separated upon rising from the drop. The maximum super and maximum not unusualplace rainbow is the so-called number one bow, which ends up from mild that emerges from the drop after one inner reflection.

Occasionally, a secondary bow might also additionally be
observed, that’s notably much less excessive than the number one bow and has its color series reversed. The secondary rainbow has an angular radius of approximately 50° and therefore is visible outdoor of the number one bow. This bow consequences from mild that has gone through inner reflections in the water drop. Higher-order rainbows, attributable to 3 or extra inner reflections, are relatively vulnerable and therefore are rarely observed. 

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