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[Short Trick] Find Root of Non Perfect Square numbers like under root 17 root 36 in 3 seconds

Short trick to find root

Short trick to Get √17 in just 3 second 


 Follow these Steps :-

We know the Non Perfect Square root number like √16 , √25, √100, √144  etc.

Now, we have to Find the square root √7

So, we have follow this method:-

Step 1: 

To Find the square root we divied. the number into  nearby perfect square number and non -perfect  square number like √9-2

Step 2 :

 Now put the value in this formula

√x+y = √x + y/2√x

√9-2  =  3 + 1/2 x 3

           = 3.16

So solve this and get the answer of under root 17 . 

Therefore , √7 = 2.67 

so Final answer is 2.67

This method is very easy to find non perfect square root

More example –

√10 = √9+1

√9+1 = 3 + /2×3

         = 3.16

 This trick is basically from chapter application of derivative of class 12thmathematics. it is a small part of the topic approximation. That formula come after we differentiate the root x by basic differentiation. by this method we can find approximate many other functions like cube root , x raise to  the power 1/4 and so on.. for more about this method you can read in class 12th book chapter AOD.

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Find Root of Non Perfect Square numbers

Find Root of Non Perfect Square numbers



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