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[Short Trick] Human evolution mnemonic & Placenta crossing substance mnemonic

Human evolution mnemonic

Here is the best trick to remember Human Mnemonics and  Placenta crossing substance mnemonic.

Human Mnemonics :-

Trick :-  

Please Do Remember Apple Has Essential Nutrients For Human.

Please          –   Parapitheous  

Do               –   Dryopitheous 

Remember  –   Ramapitheous

Apple          –   Australopithecus

Has             –   Homo Habilis / Handy man

Essential     –   Homo Erects

Nutrients    –   Homo sapiens Neanderthal

For             –   Homo sapiens Fossalis 

Human      –    Homo Sapiens



Human evolution mnemonic short trick



Placenta crossing substance mnemonic :-


Trick :-

    WANT My Hot Dog 

Waste Product








Placenta crossing substance mnemonic

More Key Points :-

  • Human started to evolve regarding seven million years ago, and progressed through four stages of evolution. analysis shows that the primary trendy humans appeared 200000 years ago

    The main human variations have enclosed bipedal ism, larger brain size, and reduced sexual.

     It is generally believed that hominids first evolved in Africa and then migrated to other areas. There were four main stages in human evolution.



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