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[Tricks] Solanacae Family examples Amazing biology neet exclusive

Trick of Solanacae Family examples

Trick – 

BELLA एक लड़की थी। उसको सब बोलते थे कि BELLA, ALOO, TAMATAR, BAIGAN, CHILLI, TOBACCO, ASHWAGANDHA खाके सोले। DIN KA RAJA, RAAT KI RAANI, तू भी खाके सोले, नही सोएगा तो पिटेगा।

1) BELLADONA.               

2) POTATO.                       

3) TOMATO.                      

4) BRINJAL                       

5) CHILLI                           

6) ASHWAGANDHA        

7) DIN KA RAJA               




Fabaceae Family :-

The Fabaceae own circle of relatives is a huge own circle of relatives of the plant kingdom,
which include numerous economically crucial flora. The own circle of relatives Fabaceae is
additionally referred to as Leguminous or Perceptional because it belongs to the pea
or legume own circle of relatives. There are round 20,000 species of dicotyledonous
Fabaceae flora broadly dispensed all around the world.


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