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Why is Studying Surface Chemistry Important? | 7tricks

Before studying anything, we want to understand what we are going to learn. When you get to know about the motto, it encourages you to learn more about it. Here, we are going to emphasize on the facts that why you should learn about surface chemistry. What it is and a bit more about it in a detailed manner. 
You probably have been wondering how the particles in specific sorts of solutions remain suspended all the time without settling down. It means, what exactly happened following the interface between different phases. Talking about the chemistry branch, it is concerned following the processing occurring at interfaces between phases when it comes to between liquid and gas is regarded as surface chemistry. 

The fact cannot be ignored that the surface portrays a significant role in the context of catalysis regarding colloid formation, chromatography, electrode reactions and so on. It is time to explore a bit regarding surface chemistry and its different applications in different fields. 

Surface chemistry is regarded as the branch of chemistry which makes us learn regarding the chemical reactions or chemical changes falling place at the interface of 2 phases which can truly be any of these ones such as solid to gas, solid to liquid, liquid to gas and so on. The best thing is that Surface Chemistry comes up with different applications in the context of analytical work, paint industry, medicinal field and so on. 

A Bit About Absorption:- 

To put it in simple words, Adsorption is regarded as a surface phenomenon in which all ions, atoms, or molecules of solids, gases, or liquids get collected at the surface of another substance through adhesive forces. It means when a substance concentrating or accumulating at the surface of another substance is called as adsorbate. And the material available on what adsorption takes place is regarded as adsorbent. There are two types of absorption called physical and chemical adsorption. 

What Are The Significance Of Adsorption:- 

Have you been wondering about the significance of Adsorption? You have landed at the right platform. Here, we are going to mention the prominent ones indeed. Let’s check it out more about it – 

  • Talking about the poisonous gases called methane, carbon monoxide and so on can easily be adsorbed following activated charcoal prominently used in gas masks. 

  • The next on the list is that animal charcoal is prominently used in the context of adsorbing the coloring matter right from the cane sugar juice following the sugar manufacturing process. 

  • Ion exchange resin is prominently used in the context of eradicating the hardness of water. It is good at absorbing the salts of calcium and magnesium. 

  • Talking about the chromatographic adsorption techniques, they are prominently used in the context of purifying organic compounds indeed. 

  • You might be wondering how humidity is controlled. Silica gel is used in order to control humidity, the mechanism of adsorption. 

  • Considering the principle of adsorption, it is also used in the context of explaining the results of a number of catalysts such as the spongy iron while making ammonia and the Ni, Pt/Pd in the context of mitigating unsaturated hydrocarbons. 

The discussion will remain incomplete until it is discussed about the Organic Chemistry. This type of chemistry means you will be studying the properties, reactions, composition, and preparation of carbon-oriented compounds. Talking about the highly organic compounds carrying carbon and hydrogen but it may also include any number of different elements such as oxygen, silicon, sulfur and so on. 

If you are going to prepare for your exam these chapters then you should go with short and crisp notes so that you could memorize all important points easily. Keep revising them more often so that all factors will set in your head.


We hope that above mentioned points have truly given you much needed clarity. Once the basic concept is cleared in your head, you can prepare for your exam in a much better way. 

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