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Testbook PASS Coupon Code JULY 2022 100% FREE | 7tricks

 So, Today we are going to tell you the secret trick to get a testbook pass for free for a month! Just follow all the steps given below and get Testbook Pass 100% free with no hidden charge.

Testbook pass

First, we welcome you to 7tricks, the no.1 platform for amazing tricks & shortcuts. To stay connected with us, join our telegram channel by clicking here.

How to get Testbook Pass for FREE?

We do giveaways on our telegram channel for students who want a premium account but can’t afford it. So, this time we are giving Testbook pass for a month for FREE! 
Follow these steps if you also want a Testbook pass:-

  1. Uninstall the testbook app.
  2. Download the Testbook app from the play store using this link.
  3. While signing up using the code ‘AXNA7J‘.
  4. Now, open your telegram app and click here.
  5. Now, you have registered successfully. 
  6. Now go to the PASS section of the testbook app.
  7. Click on 18 Month Testbook Pass & Click on Add coupon.
  8. Now enter code AXNA7J
  9. You can see the price become so low.



Here is the coupon code that you can use to get a 92% discount. The coupon code is AXNA7J


  • This is not any type of hack or another illegal method, this is a giveaway by 7tricks.
  • Only some students who win this, collect the required points first. So, do it fast as soon as possible.
  • Winners will be announced publically on our Telegram channel.

About TestBook:

Our honest review of Testbook is that Testbook is one of the best platforms for all types of tests like mock tests, practice tests, chapter-wise tests, and many more with the advanced personalized and best way to express results analysis. Testbook is the only place where you can declare all applicants for official duties of the authorities, from banking to engineers. We typically receive support through a communications approach of approx. 9 crores of students and faculty to provide ideal online education for all major government agencies. The testbook fulfills any or all of students’ learning desires by providing them with insight into the series, teaching strategies, courses, observation plans for the day, etc. The solution is based on government exam guidelines and is credible for its exceptional leadership and pedagogy. thanks in the form of comments, test book reviews, and subscribers. Check out the section for reviews of test books, everything students need to be covered in detail.

Testbook is an online learning platform for students. What sets it apart from others is that the mock exams are conducted by subject matter experts with years of experience with data and testing.

How to buy a testbook pass?

  • You can get 100 off on a testbook pass if you use the AXNA7J code.
  • You will get 7 days of free access to the banking exam.
  • You can get 300 off if you buy a lifetime pass using AXNA7J code.


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