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Liliaceae Family Short Trick [Mnemonic] – 7tricks


Liliaceae Family MNEMONIC :-

Here is an easy mnemonic to learn liliaceae family examples quick. Is is very useful for biology students or which are preparing for NEET.

Liliaceae Family Mnemonic trick


Aaspas Akela Coach Glorious And Talented 

A – Asparagus 

A – Aloe 

C – Colchicine

G – Glopiosa 

T – Tulip

Liliaceae Family Trick Mnemonic



C – Colchicine (Colchicum autumnale) 

O – Onion (Allium cepa) 

A – Aloe

L – Liliaceae 

G – Gloriosa 

A – Asparagus 

T – Tulip


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